Business Advisory Services

ideas-negocios[1] Our goal is help your small or mid-sized business succeed, no matter what the economic climate. To this end we offer different approaches to help bring your business to the Next Level. Our services include Business Coaching, Cash Flow And Budgeting Analysis, Incorporation and New Business Analysis, Buying And Selling A Business,and Business Succession Planning.

We will provide you a FREE Initial Evaluation of Your Business. We use methodology born at MIT designed to uncover the core problems or inefficiencies your business is facing, and show you what they are worth if you fix them. We will generate a Report which includes your Company's Operational Health and Value, it's Potential Value, the Top Three Risks to Value, and more. This report will help you better understand the areas where the business is having difficulty, in addition to where it excels. By breaking down the operations into manageable pieces we can help to facilitate a Roadmap to closing the Value Gap. Click here to get started Today without Obligation.

Level 5 Services

Our Level 5 Services are designed to really add value to a client’s business. It goes beyond the traditional CPA services to help clients become successful and achieve their goals. We call Level 5 the level of “Continuous Improvement”.

The level 5 process will bring the client to a level of sustained performance improvements in all aspects of their organization.

Level 1 - is the foundation for good decision-making. It includes the preparation and delivery of financial statements, tax returns, and other compliance work. It answers the question “How have we done?”

Level 2 - Consist of two phases:

2a - Analysis of financial statements, and identification of ratios critical to the organization.

2b - Conducting What If calculations, including the most critical ratios in the business.

Level 3 - Focuses on the future of the business. We help clients articulate their vision, mission, long-term goals, and identify areas of company performance that have a significant impact on the achievement of company goals.

Level 4 - Link to performance. Answers the question “How are we going to get there?” We link the financial goals with business activities. We measure and report the outcomes of business activities using dashboards. We establish a performance measurement system to monitor Key Performance Indictors (KPI’S). These KPI’s are designed to support management decisions.

Using real-time analysis we are able to help owners and managers address issues before they become serious problems. Level 4 service is provided to any and all companies regardless of size, industry or type of business.

Level 5 - Continuous Improvement. This level is about the ongoing review of measures and outcomes. It is about monitoring if you’re on track to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself, and making adjustments where necessary. As market conditions change, or your goals and strategies get adjusted, we develop new measures or realign the ones we have to provide the decision support you need to run your business more effectively.